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Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., Ltd.

LCR Products Division – ​​Samsung is the technology leader for LCR products – Passive components including Capacitors (MLCC, Tantalum, X2Y), Chip Inductors, EMI Filters and Chip Beads, Chip Resistors, LTCC Components and Crystal Devices.

CDS Division – Wireless connectivity solutions including RF Modules for Wireless LAN, NFC, ZigBee, Wi-Fi, Cellular and Tuner; Power solutions including SMPS, Power Drivers, Adapters, LED Lighting Drivers, Server and Power ICs.  Vibration and Spindle Motor – Vibration motors for haptic feedback including Coin Motor, Linear Motor and Piez​o Actuator​​.

Smart Store Solutions – Electronic Shelf Labels (e-paper based 7-segment and graphic display), 2.4GHz wireless network based on IEEE 802.15.4, SEM ​ZigBee IC based, PoE Gateway, including ESL Server Software.  For more information on the Samsung Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) solutions please vist

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