Taitien, Pletronics and Cardinal Components provide quartz frequency control components.

Taitien, a quartz frequency control component manufacturer, (former Tai Tien Electronic Co., Ltd, established in 1976) was established in March 2000. Main products include X’TAL, OSC, VCXO, TCXO, and is the first manufacturer in Taiwan that provides the technique of OCXO. Our complete product line enables one stop shopping service.

Taitien is based in Taiwan and has manufacturing sites in Taiwan, United States, and China. Operation and sales sites are located in Taiwan, United States, Europe and China. Our customers come from various fields including automotive, consumer electronics, information technology and telecommunications.

Taitien focuses on innovation and invests heavily in research & development. Over these years, the company patented quartz-manufacturing technologies. Today, Taitien is the leader in quartz industry and continues to develop new technologies through extensive research.

Main products include

Timing Module (GNSS atomic clock)
OCXO – Freq. Stability 0.06-200ppb
VCTCXO/TCXO – Freq. Stability 0.1-2ppm
VCXO – Freq. Stability 25-100ppm
Crystal Oscillator – Freq. Stability 25-100ppm
Quartz Crystal Unit – Freq. Stability 10-100ppm

Pletronics (a Taitien subsidiary) website : http://www.pletronics.com/
Cardinal Components (a Taitien subsidiary) website: http://www.cardinalxtal.com/

Other Taitien subsidiaries include Colorado Crystals Corporation and Isotemp